Originally from New York, but raised in Carlsbad, Ca, Courtney Shaddow moved back to New York in 1991 to attend college in upstate. Far from pursuing a fashion degree, was previously a Pre-Med student, but her desire for fashion would win out over medicine.

After graduating, she lived in Key West, FL. and would collaborate on a family clothing business. There was something about running her own business that fueled her passion and creativity.

Courtney saw that the stores had the potential to compete with larger popular chain stores like Nordstroms, and created a rare and unique world of fashion - her own "specialty version of a department store." They carried everything a department store didn't, unique styles from all the best designers from around the world.

Spanning over 12,000 feet each, Courtney was operating 8 stores throughout South Carolina and The Florida Keys. They housed over 200 of the best well-known designers and became some of the best specialty stores on the east coast. They organized fashion show events, threw parties where city officials, musicians, and movie stars attended. And, Courtney herself eventually became a VIP buyer for all the mainstream market shows.

In 2008 though, Courtney was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Over the next couple of years, her health started to take a turn for the worse, forcing her to walk away from the stress of owning and operating her own stores, and placing her health first.. She suffered through multiple high-risk brain and heart surgeries, and even received a year of low dose chemotherapy treatment for MS.

It was during this time that Courtney had a change of perspective.

Multiple Sclerosis became an awakening, not a disability!.

Courtney took her successes and her 17 years of business and fashion experience and put it to good use.

Nobelrags was born, and it had that niche just like that of her stores. And $1 of every purchase goes to 1 out of 6 charities; customers choice. Every charity that Nobelrags donates to is something that is close to Courtney's heart & really all of our hearts. Nobelrags is determined to assist in a crisis. And, to help support neurological organizations or for Children, Animals, Military, and people with cancer.

We want you to feel good about what you're purchasing. We want you to know that you're contributing to the life and welfare of another. We want to help you pay it forward.

"Wear your heart on your sleeves...
...Wear Nobelrags❤️"

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